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PhotoBooth Hashtag Photo Print

HASHTAG PRINTING PHOTOBOOTH Guests print their own photos on a branded template.  Post a photo to Instagram or Twitter using a hashtag created for the event, and let our booth take care of the rest.

Pick a unique hashtag for your event and Instafie will print photos by anyone with that hashtag. Instafie can automatically print all photos for this hashtag, or if you wish, guests can select the photos they like and print them out. Instagram & Twitter Social Media Photo Printer for Social Event. Use the power of Instagram #HASHTAG Events with instafie photobooth Instagram & Twitter. 

Guest will shoot their photo via Instagram. #Hashtag the photo with #NameofEvent and their message. Photos with the # will be displayed on Projection Station. A great way to expose your Brand Activation. Photos will also print on professional quality with Branded artwork of the event, or BRAND. Make you event a bit more Social with Instafie

3 Simple Steps

Instagram & Twitter PhotoBooth Hashtag Photo Print

1. Snap a Photo 

Attendees take photos on their phone from wherever they'd like, capturing the entire event.

2. Post & Tag

2. Post & Tag
Attendees share their photos to Instagram or Twitter with your designated tag.

3. Pick Up Prints

3. Pick Up Prints
Instafie monitors your tag and automatically prints tagged photos for attendees to keep.

3. Pick Up Prints

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